Welcome to BurnCase 3D

Exact documentation is the basis for comparable medical and scientific studies. The postulated requirements of medical institutions for documentation and accuracy absorb a lot of time and work of surgeons.
BurnCase 3D is a software system that is able to simplify and improve diagnosis, medical treatment and documentation of human burn injuries.

Key Features

  • Simplification and improvement of diagnosis and treatment of burns
  • Exact 3D burned surface area determination
  • Automated generation of scores (ABSI, ICD10, OPS)
  • Reduction of documentation work-load
  • Basis for coverage of service effort, costs and accounting
  • Establishment of a new standard for exactness, accessibility and comparability
  • Improvement of inter-institutional collaboration
  • Integrative documentation of diagnoses, digital imaging, surgical procedures, dressing and nursing
  • HL7 compliant interface for patient data exchange (new)
  • False color tracing from depth determination systems like CS-CAM or LDI (new)
  • NTRACS compatible XML export (new)

New Features

  • Proportionally correct 3D Models of pediatric patients
  • Enhanced ability to deal with proportion changes on wound sizes

Upcoming Features

  • Obese body shapes

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