Proportionally correct 3D models of infants, children and adolescents for precise burn size measurement

The estimation of a pediatric patient’s total burned surface area (TBSA) is challenging due to varying size and body proportions during growth. To address these anthropometric differences, the rule of nines and Lund Browder charts have been extended by three to five age groups. These standard methods however are subject to high inter-rater variance and typically lead to substantial overestimation of the affected area.To enable precise three dimensional (3D) body surface area measurements, we generated 12 proportionally correct 3D models based on anthropometric measurements collected from 2529 patients aged 0-17 years. These models were integrated into BurnCase 3D for measuring the TBSA of pediatric patients.

BurnCase 3D Mobile 2.0 in iTunes

BurnCase 3D Mobile 2.0 available in iTunes

The BurnCase development team has just released the second official version of BurnCase 3D Mobile in Apple's iTunes App Store. For first time users and for evaluation purposes we offer BurnCase 3D Mobile 2.0 for free. If you like the system and if you want to support future improvement and development please buy the donate version. The new version is fully compatible with iOS 6 on iPhone and iPad. We have also integrated an XML export feature which allows to transfer the data from your mobile device to the PC version of BurnCase 3D.

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Recent results and developments of BurnCase 3D will be presented by Michael Giretzlehner at the congress. Free demo CD-ROMs are available on a booth on the industry fair. We plan to perform another BSA estimation survey among the attendees on the congress. Moreover, the new version of BurnCase 3D Mobile will be presented at the congress.

New Version 2.6 released!

We proudly announce the release of brand new version 2.6 of BurnCase 3D. The new version is fully compatible to all prior versions and ships the following new features:

  • HL7 compatible interface to hospital information systems
  • Automatic transfer of false color information from depth classification systems like CS-CAM or LDI
  • NTRACS compatible XML export
  • Improved 3D performance
  • Integrated module for nursing and care documentation
  • Multiple independent surface characteristics per state and region

Get in contact with us to get this new version.


Recent results and developments of BurnCase 3D will be presented to the Asian burn community for the first time at three talks given by Robert Owen at the congress. Free demo CD-ROMs are distributed to attendees.