Project Initialization (Sept. 2001)

In 2001 Dr. Haller and Dr. Rodemund came to the University of Applied Sciences of Hagenberg with the idea of developing a 3-dimensional graphical software interface for the estimation of surface areas of burn injuries. The problem was that the estimation of burned areas was very subjective and varied largely among different surgeons depending on their experiences. The software was intended to support this estimation mechanism and to make it more objective and comparable. A project group of students lead by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Witold Jacak started to evaluate different 3D-Engines and the data structure requirements of such a system. No evaluated 3D-Engine provided the necessary interaction methods for the system so the group started to build the interaction interface from scratch. In december 2001, DI (FH) Johannes Dirnberger, scientific assistant at the University of Hagenberg joined the group and extracted the results to initiate the research project BurnCase.

Project Start (March 2002)

The research project was started in march 2002 with fundings for 2 years. Mag. Michael Giretzlehner joined the project covering the database related topics of the project. The project was funded through the Upper Austrian Research GmbH. In February 1st, 2003, a new department called Medical-Informatics was created in the Upper Austrian Research GmbH.

Software Development (February 2003)

The Upper Austrian Research GmbH took over the project BurnCase and forced the development of a stable version. It took 2 years of hard work, lots of test runs in various testing facilities in Austria and Germany before the first BurnCase 3D version was announced in January 2005. The BurnCase development team was enlarged in september 2003 by Dr. Thomas Luckeneder as project manager and in september 2004 by DI (FH) Michael Stöttinger as product developer. DI Robert Owen joins the development team in 2008 and is responsible for interfaces to hospital information systems.

World-Wide Research Community (January 2005)

The RISC Software GmbH (until 2008 Upper Austrian Research GmbH) is searching for research cooperations in order to establish a wolrd-wide BurnCase community. Each cooperation partner gains the right of full usage and update for the BurnCase 3D software system. The first research partners were the AUVA UKH Linz, BG Klinik Halle/Saale, the AKH Vienna and Shriners Hospital Galveston. You can find a complete list of all current project participants in the section Cooperations. 


The research project BurnCase 3D is funded by the Government of Upper Austria and by all participating research partners. Additionally, several research grants (FFF, EraSME) have been accepted for further development and improvement of the system. The project team thanks all partners for their support.